The Winning Code

The Winning Code is a spiritual and practical self help guide that shows readers the path to true and lasting success, through the eyes and experiences of those who have already achieved it.

It is based on the proven premise that external change must be preceded by internal change. Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote, “Become the change you want to see in the world” is echoed by Jim Rohn who said: “When you change, everything changes.”

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Winners are always learning, always growing and always improving. This book will help you do all three while understanding some of the important principles of success.
Dr. Nido Qubein
President, High Point University

Excellent read! Concise, thorough, and clear. I will read it over and over again until all the attributes are integrated into the core of my being.

United States

The book gives the reader an opportunity to engage with the characters described in the book. The reader can identify with the character/s, and in doing so use the tool/s provided by the writer. Jimmy uses real life experiences of human characters within society and how these extraordinary people could overcome the difficult obstacles of life. The reader is inspired to accept his/her circumstances and can begin a process of problem solving.

Rev. Charles Williams
Cape town, South Africa


The Winning Code, by Jimmy Roos is truly inspiring. It is very accessible to learners from Grade 5 upwards. Advantaged and previously disadvantaged learners will relate to the numerous success stories in this book.

Every Gr 5/10/12 learner should have a copy. Education Departments should consider buying in bulk. This book would also make an excellent prefect gift at the beginning of the year, or a prize at prize-giving. It is also very useful for teacher workshops and assemblies!

Helene Johnston (Mrs)
Education Specialist, Western Cape Education Dept.
Cape Town, South Africa

Real-life examples of people who succeeded against the odds causes you to reflect on your own life and gives you hope and courage to want to succeed personally and professionally. It challenges you to get away from a place of complacency or stagnation.

Eugene Ohlson
Cape Town, South Africa

The Winning Code is an easy read with practical and REAL examples of challenges but also how to overcome those challenges in our day to day lives. I also found it to be very relevant to the working environment and industry I find myself in at the moment.

Jo-Ann Prins
Paarl, South Africa