Optimize Your Mindset for Winning!

I’m sure you you have, at times observed well-coached sports teams or individual athletes with huge, undoubted talent… for some reason under-performing.

It doesn’t matter who the coach is, the performances simply don’t improve. African teams, in particular the South African sports teams, specifically, the football teams are very good examples of this phenomena.

So that begs the question…are certain people and individuals just not championship material? The simple answer is No!

Everybody has the potential to be a champion. But in order to be a champion every part of your being must be optimized and work in harmony towards accomplishing your objective

The problem is that the individuals in these teams, in particular, South African teams, lack an excellence culture. All they know is to survive, sometimes at any and all cost. They have never learned what it means to be a champion since they were picked solely on account of their raw talent.

The coaches who are appointed to work with them have only been trained on issues related to their specific sporting code. They haven’t been trained on how to prepare someone to become a champion… especially someone who has gone through the traumas that many non-white South African youth experience daily on the streets of their townships.

To get the best out of these talented but often broken youngsters you need someone who can not only heal the trauma of the past but install a culture of excellence and optimize their mindsets for winning.