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My life both personal and professional have taken a turn for the positive , with your words and inspirational wisdom really have managed to open my eyes and heart and soul I personal thank you so much for coming into my life and will always be greatful for everything you have shown, love it and keep them coming. thank you so much once again.
Lily Mircovic

With one sentence, or just one simple thought you turn my vibration around 100%… Simple yet very, very, powerful. I just wanted to thank you for this. You are my answer.
Georgia Lucas

Deciding to undergo coaching with Jimmy Roos was undoubtedly one of the best decisions of my life. His practical and empowering concepts have changed my whole outlook on life.
Dhanna Osman

I have found your workbook to be quite useful and have manifested myself a great big increase from my boss! So many thanks!
Pippa Veliades

Meet Jimmy!

After failing for many years in life and with women Jimmy finally figured out what he was doing wrong. He now teaches others what he learned about winning in life… and with women so they can avoid the mistakes he made.

Interview Topics


  • Winning in the game of life
  • Why the law of attraction works against you (even though you try very hard to make it work for you)
  • Common sense advice on money that will blow you away including 3 things that keep money away from you
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Change beliefs
  • Power of habits
  • Building self confidence
  • New Year’s Resolutions


  • Become the man/woman you were meant to be
  • Create attraction in a woman
  • Position yourself perfectly for your Mr. Perfect
  • Does size matter to women?
  • What women wish men knew
  • How to know if a man/woman is interested in you
  • Spot red flags early in a relationship


  • Get inside the mind of criminals and keep yourself safe.

What Will Your Listeners Receive?

They will…

  • be inspired
  • experience Aha! moments
  • be introduced to practical concepts that will enhance their lives
  • get a free coaching session

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